<aside> 🍊 Thiol Libre liberates tropical thiol aromas in your hops and malt.

With Thiol Libre, you get more intense tropical fruit aromas in your beers without adding more hops or adjuncts. Thiol-liberated beers display strong guava and passionfruit notes even with old-school hops like Cascade. This strain also ferments faster than other high biotransformation strains and produces stable haze. It can be repitched for 8 generations with consistent results.


Brewery testimonials

Thiol Libre was beta tested by several professional breweries. Here is what they had to say!

Mike Foniok from The Establishment Brewing Co: Canadian Brewery of the Year 2021, Alberta Brewery of the Year 2021

Dream Synopsis has a ton of bright hop aromatics. It smells different from any Foggy NEIPAs we've made in the past. We used Phantasm in the whirlpool and mash hopping as well. We didn't hold back on the hops, and used hops high in both bound and free thiols (Citra being the dominant hop in the beer).

In the tank, it smelled and tasted amazing. Big body, bright tropical hop aromatics. Pre dry hop it was already very fruity, but different than a normal IPA smells at that point. That fruity aroma persisted through to the final product after dry hopping (at a rate of 11g/L), and seems to have created a really nice foundation for the typical hop aromas you get from dry hopping.

We released a triple NEIPA fermented with Foggy side by side with Dream Synopsis and even though the triple IPA has a higher dry hop load, Dream Synopsis (which is a double) smelled way more intense out of the tank.

Casey Foster from House of Funk:

We are very excited about the beer made with Thiol Libre! It is kicking off a new series for us, and we are looking forward to experimenting more with the strain. Super impressive tropical flavour and aroma even prior to dry hopping, reliable attenuation.

Instructions and FAQ:

Our tips for liberating thiols in your beer:

  1. Select a yeast such as Thiol Libre that has strong IRC7 activity.
  2. Select hops with high amounts of bound thiols, such as Cascade, Saaz, Calypso, and Perle. This opens up the possibility of using and enhancing locally-grown hops! Use these in the mash (mash hopping) and whirlpool. You can dry hop with the big-money hops like Citra and Mosaic later on if you like!
  3. Try adjuncts like Phantasm that contain a high amount of bound thiol precursors.
  4. Experiment with base malts, including locally-produced options. Different malts have different bound thiol concentrations.

What is the best fermentation temperature for Thiol Libre?

Our suggested range is 17-23ÂșC (63–73ÂșF). Internal experiments and feedback from brewers suggest the best aroma will be found in the 17-20ÂșC range (63-68ÂșF).