About Hydra:

Hydra is a new genetic hybrid of two of our favourite strains (Cerberus x Vermont). Hydra offers you lower attenuation (65-72%) for more JUICE coupled with strong mango and citrus aromatics. We think it will especially shine in lower-ABV, hop-forward beers.

The lower attenuation can help combat the unexpectedly high attenuation resulting from hop creep that results in unbalanced hazy IPAs.

Brewery testimonial:

Hydra was test-driven by Steamworks Brewery to make their Beach Potion Pale Ale. Here’s what Brett Jamieson, R&D Manager at Steamworks had to say:

Even with a pretty thorough step mash and some hop creep we ended up at 74.7% apparent attenuation - from 12.27°P to 3.11°P. The aroma before we added the dry hops was big on apricot, unripe mango, lime Gatorade powder (from the dried limes), hint of rum, and an herbal wooden character. Now that the dry hops are in, it smells like a slushy tropical drink you’d get in a massive novelty cup at a Margaritaville - sweet tropical fruits, coconut, punchy citrus, and a bit of baking spice along with that mellow rum character.